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​​​​​Blue Pine: The Wood That Mother Nature Paints ®

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An Eco-Friendly Initiative that brings value to our society, our environment and our economy.  Utilizing dead timber ... 

  • Cleans up our forests and recreation areas...
  • Removes dead trees to protect our communities and infrastructure of water, power, transportation, and communications...
  • Reduces the cost to our government, and thereby saves tax payers money...
  • Reduces some of the trillions of pounds of carbon off-put that billions of dead trees will release when they burn or decay... 

            * Every 125 SF of 3/4" thick planks stores      approximately a 1/4 ton of carbon!

  • And employs our citizens, not those of some other country...

GreenWay ​​​​RECLAIMED Wood Products LLC



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Reclaimed Blue Pine...

The Wood That Mother Nature Paints

​All products are proudly

Made in the USA

OUR FORESTS ARE DYING... Reclaim  Dead Timber, Grow More Trees.

Join us in taking steps towards a more sustainable world by better utilizing our limited natural resources.

​Salvaged and Reclaimed Beetlekill Wood Products... Unique, affordable, and simply the right thing to do.


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"Beetle Kill: The Issues, Impacts, and Opportunities"

Earning a Sustainable Living with Our Nation's Forestlands

What we do and why...​​
We provide a wide range of eco-friendly Reclaimed Blue Pine© wood products that are manufactured from some of the billions of standing dead trees that have been killed by the unprecedented insect epidemics that continue to sweep throughout the West destroying our Pine forests.

​From Mexico, and northward into the far reaches of British Columbia, and from the entire front range of the Rocky Mountains to the coasts of California, our forests are incurring monumental devastation.  There are now over 140 million acres of Western forests that are 70-90% dead... and there is no end in sight.   Trillions of pounds of carbon will be released, and scientist fear that this will only feed the cycle of drought, warming, and insect attacks that will hasten the death of our forests such as humankind has never seen or recorded.
Though beautiful in its natural state, we understand that the unique beauty of our wood products does not go with every décor, but no worries, for this is one reclaimed wood that is affordable enough to both stain or paint this wood – and in fact we are happy to do that for you with our pre-finishing services!
We invite you to explore our unique product line, and we encourage you to let us help you select the right product for your needs. 
So please take a look and get in touch!